Threads vs Instagram : A Comparison of Meta’s Social Media Apps 

Threads vs Instagram
Threads vs Instagram

Threads vs Instagram

In the world of social media, Meta (formerly Facebook) owns two popular platforms called Threads and Instagram. While Instagram is known for its multimedia-centric approach, Threads offers a text-focused experience. In this article, we will compare these two apps in terms of their features, user interface, decentralized ambitions, availability, and more.

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Text vs. Images and Video:

Threads primarily focuses on text-based threads that can be accompanied by images, while Instagram is centered around visual updates shared by people you follow, often accompanied by captions. Both apps allow users to incorporate both text and media into their posts.


As a newer app, Threads currently lacks some features available in Instagram. These include direct messaging, language translation, post editing, and easy switching between multiple accounts. However, Meta may consider adding these features based on user feedback.

User Interface:

Both Threads and Instagram have similar interfaces, featuring scrolling feeds where users can share text, photos, and videos. Threads’ feed is algorithmic and displays content from people you follow as well as recommended content, resembling Instagram’s feed. Notably, Twitter offers the option to toggle between an algorithmic and chronological feed limited to people you follow.

Decentralized Ambitions:

One significant distinction is Threads’ decentralized ambitions. It aims to make its posts interoperable with other social media platforms like Mastodon in the future. This sets it apart from Twitter, which has been restricting access to its API for third-party developers.


While Threads is available in various countries, it is currently not accessible in European Union countries due to privacy regulations. Nevertheless, Threads and Instagram are separate apps that can be used together. Threads users can log in using their Instagram accounts and find their Instagram followers on Threads.


In summary, Threads and Instagram offer distinct experiences within the Meta social media ecosystem. Threads is geared towards users who prefer text-based threads with visual elements, while Instagram focuses on delivering visual updates from followed accounts. The availability of features and Threads’ potential interoperability with other platforms may further differentiate these apps in the future.

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